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Our Café's story

The former Mickey's building was demolished in April 2014. Mickey's was truly considered to be an "institution" in Morin-Heights. It served as a general store that sold propane, shoes, clothing, snowshoes and it also provided laundry service. The building has been called Mickey's since 1960. This is the reason why the new owner Yvon Gilbert decided to keep the name alive. "It was important to us to blend in well with the community by building a café that would truly represent Morin-Heights. In other words, we wanted to be part of a village where the English and French communities have always co-existed harmoniously. We also desired  to use an architecture style that reflected the buildings surrounding us. The picturesque property is located in the heart of the village. Its lovely terrace overlooks a large field with views of the Simon River and is surrounded by beautiful countryside.

A café with ecological values


  • We used recycled wood from the former building to create the new café’s furnishings and décor
  • Disposal of waste in an ecological manner
  • Use of passive solar power
  • The building and insulation are Novoclimat plus designed
  • We are proud to use only local contractors


  • Uses compostable and recycled products
  • Uses reduced water flow
  • Utilizes LED lighting
  • Minimizes waste material

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